DD's Dog Treats

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DD's Dog Treats are made with non-antibiotic, farm raised chicken. These all natural treats are a healthy snack for your dog.

Our hand crafted and hand sliced treats are made in the U.S.A, with 100% All-natural chicken breast and dehydrated with no fillers or additives to give your pup a low-calorie, protein rich and delicious treat that is guilt-free.

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Customer Reviews

My dogs and even my cats absolutely love DD’s treats! My dogs get so excited when the treats are delivered!! My Willow can be sound asleep and smell one of the treats and jump up like she’s never been asleep! They are a healthy alternative with no preservatives like a lot of the store bought treats! I will never buy treats anywhere else!!


My dog, Dreadnought is a 4-year-old Dane with allergies and epilepsy, which makes us extremely particular about the food and treats we feed him! I cannot even begin to tell you how much he loves DD’s chicken jerky and how much I love that it’s healthy and 100% all natural, so I have a peace of mind in knowing that I’m not feeding him preservatives or artificial ingredients-just 100% chicken! We’re so excited to have found this chicken jerky!


My dogs LOVE these treats (and I love to get them for my dogs!) We tried other treats in the past for training and they just weren’t cutting it. These are so high value for them, they’d choose them over a squirrel. And, we love the people behind the company! Highly recommend supporting this small business and *really* treating your dogs to some high-quality treats!